Beginner Intermittent Fasting / OMAD Weight Loss Live Q&A

Topics and timestamps:
1:45 For weight loss, does it matter what time of the day you eat your OMAD?
3:55 How do you stay motivated when you are stalling out on the scale?
Have you had days over the last year or so where you have struggled with OMAD or motivation at all with fasting? If you have, how do you tackle it?
13:10 I have not found my sweet spot for an IF window. It’s been really difficult trying to fit my schedule around my family and work etc. What would you recommend?
16:25 I’m trying your schedule and I get hungry around 11pm and know the next day is going to be long and hard. Do you get hungry? I’m eating 900-1000 calories for my one meal. No exercise. I made it 2 days. I decided not to fast today.
20:05 The weight I lose when I fast, will it come back?
22:37 Did you get sick while IF/OMAD? How did you make sure you have enough vitamin C? Was it 14,000 steps total or just walking for 2 hours?
25:25 Once you committed to your plan how long did it take you to lose the 80 pounds?
29:05 I still get scared from unfamiliar body sensations when fasting. Even the feeling of an empty stomach.
32:10 Is it important to go slow when breaking your fast? I have a big meal when breaking my fast healthy though. I do 17 hr fasting .
33:54 How do you consciously go from 'weight loss mode' to 'maintenance mode'?
38:35 I start out my day with a pep talk that I can do this! I got this! mind over matter…..then I buckle at the first temptation. Help
42:00 Can you use coconut oil to prolong the fast and satiate the hunger?
42:58 I am 7 days into OMAD and doing well. How do I silence the critics that say fasting "slows your metabolism"?
44:30 What’s omad?
45:30 so pretty much walking/exercise is key?
48:06 Did you use a Keto eating plan?
49:47 What are your macros with OMAD? How many calories do you eat at your meal?
50:30 I've been doing 18hr fasts, sometimes OMAD but not always, and I've gained weight ? I've been doing it since November and its to the point that I feel so bloated and disgusting.
53:28 How do u not get bored house walking for 6 miles especially in a small home.
54:35 I seem to eat more when emotional. What do you suggest I do when having these moments while in a fast? would you suggest counseling ? ?exercise? read a book? watch a movie? I have lost weight, but lately I've gain a few pounds.
56:00 do you do anything to reset your metabolism or something like that because our bodies adapts to IF in a certain amount of time right?
56:40 is snake diet worth trying
57:45 how long stay on a plateau?
59:10 How long did it take you to get to OMAD when you first started IF?

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