Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout #1 (Lose 10 lbs. in 21 days)

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Please note: whether you lose 10 pounds fast in 21 days depends largely on how overweight you are so you can expect to lose 10 pounds quickly if you are at least 25 pounds overweight. Don't be shocked or think you were misled by the "lose 10 pounds in 21 days" title if you are less than 15 pounds overweight and you don't end up losing 10 pounds after 3 weeks or 21 days but…

For this simple 10 minute jumping jack workout all you need to know is that you are doing jumping jacks as fast as you can for 10 seconds followed by you resting by standing completely still for 10 seconds or just like I'm doing you can certainly keep moving slightly to get a more intense workout if standing still resting 10 seconds is too easy for you.

If you want to you can do this same workout on a treadmill( ), eliptical( – ) or bike( ) and you can also replace the jumping jacks with you jogging in place and/or ski steps ( ) and as you already guessed it you could do an entire workout switching up between Jumping jacks, jogging in place and ski steps going in that order or in any order you desire as long as you keep it as intense as you possibly can.

Try to go for at least 7 jumping jacks every 10 seconds (better yet 10 in 10 seconds) but the point is that however many you get you want to maintain the same number of jumping jacks each 10 seconds burst throughout but your goal the whole time should not be focusing on getting the same number but always trying to beat your last 10 seconds.

Now of course sometimes here and there you may not be able to reach or maintain your same number and that' okay. Even I slack off sometimes just as long as you know that a major part of your entire workout should not be you just slacking off.

You mainly need to be going hard or doing jumping jacks at the highest intensity possible for the entire 10 minutes and once 10 minutes gets too easy then go ahead and shoot for a 10-to-40 minute workout.

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