Progress Post #6: Starting a New Chapter in Life

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This is it! We’ve finally made it to Progress Post #6. For those of you who are new to my site, this is the original reason I started it. To motivate myself to stop binge eating, lose weight, and share my story with the world. Now, a year and a half later, I’ve reached my goal! Here’s my final weigh-in, plus some weight loss before and after pictures.

Why Losing the Last 10 Pounds Took so Long

Are you wondering why it took me so long to lose the last 10 pounds? It’s because I wasn’t dieting! I still enjoy the foods I love and have been letting my body lose weight slowly. My last progress post was mid-July, meaning it’s been 8 months since I was 130 pounds. I could have posted this progress post a couple of months ago, but I delayed it to see where my weight would stay first.

These pictures were taken at 120 pounds, so they’re accurate to this progress post, even though I’m a bit lighter now. It seems my body wants to sit in the 117 to 119-pound range on its own, so this is where it’ll stay. I love the way I’m eating now, so there’s no way I’ll cut my calories to try to lose more weight.

Here they are, my final measurements!

Progress Post #6

Weight: 120lbs (54.4kg)
Measurements: Chest 86cm (33.8?), thighs 53cm (20.9?), waist 68cm (26.8?), hips 92cm (36.2?), arms 26cm (10.2?)
BMI of 21.9 (mid-healthy range)

Starting a New Chapter in Life

Now I have a new goal, which is maintenance. I’ve been told in the past that maintaining one’s weight is harder than losing it in the first place. However, I think people who have trouble maintaining their weight are likely people who lost it with extreme dieting or food restriction. I’ve dropped the weight slowly and let it fall where it wanted, and it hasn’t changed for months.

At this point, if I wanted to lose any more weight, I’d have to cut calories, which is never going to happen. I know where restrictive eating has gotten me in the past, so this is where I’ll gladly stay. Not to mention, I’m happy with my new lifestyle and still eat what I love.

Now that I’m closing this chapter of my life, I’m not sure where my future will lead me. After going through this transformation, however, I know I’ll be ready to handle whatever life throws my way.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Click To Tweet

Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

If you were here for my last weigh-in, you probably noticed the huge difference between this post and the last. Losing 10 pounds is a lot more significant on a smaller body. Also, I’ve been getting more strength training in during the past few months to get ready for this year’s ski season. I can’t have any more injuries again! Anyway, I’m a lot stronger and more toned than I was before.

Here are a few weight loss before and after pictures to prove you can lose weight without dieting! As you can see, there are certain things that don’t happen when you lose weight. Your cellulite diminishes but doesn’t go away. The general shape of your body stays the same.

Also, I ended up with a bit of loose skin, but not as much as I was expecting after losing over 50 pounds. I blame this on the slow weight loss. Also, over losing the last 10 pounds, my acne cleared up and I haven’t had a problem with it.

Weight loss before and after picture taken from the front for Progress Post #6. 172 pounds down to 120 pounds.
Progress Post #6: Starting a New Chapter in Life
Weight loss before and after pictures taken from the side. Starting weight was 172 pounds and ending weight is 120 pounds. Taken for Progress Post #6.
Progress Post #6: Starting a New Chapter in Life
Weight Loss in face before and after pictures. !72 pounds down to 120
Sorry about the watermarks…I don’t want these pictures stolen and used to sell weight-loss scams.

The Eating Plan I Followed to Drop 50 Pounds

I’ve read many books to stop binge eating, but out of all the eating plans they had, here’s the one I ended up following! The Binge Code by Alison Kerr offers techniques to stop binge eating by making cravings disappear with intuitive eating and mindfulness.

If you haven’t read The Binge Code yet, you really should! Learn how to stop being a slave to food and finally have food freedom. For more information on what the book teaches, I wrote a complete review of it here.

Click below for quick links to the book on Amazon!

The Blog After Progress Post #6

Now the real question is, is this site still Lose Weight With Ang now? Of course! Now that I’ve reached my goals, I can help you reach yours too! It’s time for me to share with you what I’ve learned about weight loss, healthy eating, fitness, and staying mentally well.

As it turns out, losing weight and keeping it off is much more than simply eating less and moving more. I’ll continue writing about these topics so I can help you become the version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of.

Progress Post #6: Final Thoughts

Progress Post #6 came a lot later than expected, but I’m glad it did. Losing weight slowly showed me the success that I’ve never seen with dieting and perfectionism. Now, I’m starting a new chapter in life. I’m off to preach this to the world and show everyone that they’re more capable than they’ve ever believed!

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Now enough about me, I want to know about your progress so I can help you out! Now that my weight loss journey is complete, what questions about losing weight do you want me to answer? I’d love to share my expertise, so let me know in the comments!

That’s it for now everyone. If you’ve found some value in this post, please share it to inspire others too! Thanks!

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Progress Post #6: Starting a New Chapter in Life

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