Skinny Jane – 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Lose Weight and Slim Your Body – You Can Lose 20 Pounds in Just 28 Days – Everything You Need to Slim Down Fast and Lose Belly Fat (Chocolate, XL)

Visualize yourself 20 extra pounds thinner and down 3 outfit dimensions a month from currently … With the Skinny Jane "28 Day Weight Loss Challenge" you could shed as much as 20 extra pounds in just 28 Days! It consists of the details as well as products of the weight-loss strategy that has been carefully established over 15 years. Your "28 Day Weight Loss Challenge" consists of everything you should reduce weight and keep it off.

The Skinny Jane "28 Day Weight Loss Challenge" products will certainly keep you encouraged and also on the right track to ensure that you will reach your goal: weight loss and also a slimmer, healthier, happier you! Your strategy also includes our Quick Slim Kit (Skinny Blend, Skinny Burn, and also Skinny Cleanse). These supplements are really secure and also efficient, and they give you energy, reduce your hunger, as well as aid you shed body fat.

Everybody does much better when tested, therefore will you! Our Challenge makes weight-loss basic and fun! Follow our plan, and also see the results!
The Skinny Jane "28 Day Challenge" consists of:
– SkinnyMap (Program Guide, Meal Plans, Motivational Tools, Smoothie Recipes, Etc.).
– Success/Goal Card (To maintain you focused and also on the right track).
– Skinny Blend Weight Loss Shake.
– Skinny Cleanse Supplements.
– Skinny Burn Supplements.
– Skinny Jane Shaker Bottle.
– Free Skinny Jane T-shirt (pink, electric eco-friendly, or grey, relying on accessibility).

** We very recommend that you consume our "T.K.O. Weight Loss Tea" as part of your 28 Day Challenge to additionally reduce your food cravings, make you really feel much better, and give you faster results. Examine it out on Amazon as well as make use of the code TKOTEA15 at checkout for 15% off your tin of TKO Tea! **.

Order your Skinny Jane "28 Day Weight Loss Challenge" today!

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