Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh: A Book Review

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Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh is a book that combats diet culture and the insane things it makes us do. The book teaches readers how to eat intuitively, set clearer goals, and allow weight loss to happen naturally. This review will help you decide if Thinsanity is the right book for you.

Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh: Summary

Thinsanity uses a well-rounded approach to help its readers reach their goals. It was created using research Glenn has accumulated over years of helping his own patients with their eating habits. Here’s a quick summary of what the book covers.

Thinsanity Profile

The book starts off by defining what “thinsanity” is and the trouble that’s caused by it when trying to lose weight. Then, you’re given a questionnaire to work through to understand yourself better. This helps you choose the right plan to follow to reach your goals.

The questionnaire gives you a personal profile for everything to do with your eating, wellness, and fitness. You complete it at the beginning, then refer to it later to see your progress as you work through the book. There are many chances throughout the book to look back at your progress and see how your plan is working for you.

An Easier Weight Loss Journey

After completing your Thinsanity profile, Glenn teaches you about diet culture and how it holds you back from losing weight. You’ll find out how much of your life is wasted on dieting and that it isn’t worth it. He also explains how weight loss isn’t always what we want, but rather, things like confidence, which can be achieved without weight loss at all.

He gives you advice to give up the dieting mentality and move on to a healthier lifestyle. This way, your weight can come down in a slow but sustainable way. Glenn wants to help you create a life you enjoy with a plan that’s not overwhelming.

You’ll figure out what you really need to do to reach your goals instead of focusing on something vague like “lose weight.” Glenn helps you make a concrete plan by teaching you what to focus on to get the best results with the least amount of energy. Your plan will fit in with your current life and values, making it easy to follow.

Transforming Your Mindset to Fix Emotional Eating

Glenn goes over a few ways to change your mindset to beat overeating and keep yourself motivated. He covers hypnotherapy and EFT tapping and explains why they’re helpful with emotional eating. You’ll learn how to find where both hypnotherapy and EFT tapping is done in your area. These are not necessary, but you can pair them with your plan to better your chances of success.

He also teaches you how to start loving your body again. The book provides you with tests to help you see your real feelings about your body and eating. This is very much like doing your own therapy. Doing this allows you to pinpoint hateful thoughts you have about yourself so you can change them.

Learning to Be Healthy

After all the mindset work, Glenn finally walks you through what you need to do to make your plan a success. He teaches you how to eat intuitively by listening to what your body needs and working with it. You learn how to trust yourself around food and allow yourself to eat the foods you love without guilt or fear of overeating.

You’ll be taught how to keep a food awareness journal. This will help you find your happy medium of eating for comfort, nutrition, and fullness. You also get a guide for finding a local dietician who can help with your eating habits.

Lastly, Glenn provides you with the knowledge needed to create healthy life habits. He teaches you how to fall in love with getting active, improve your mood, and make time for self-care. He even tells you what to do if your plan isn’t working for you and gives you a process to fix it.

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Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh: A Book Review

About the Author, Glenn Mackintosh

Glenn Mackintosh is a psychologist who has spent much of his career studying dieting mindset and body image. He has spent thousands of hours with patients, helping them fix their self-esteem and eating problems. Throughout his research, he learned dieting is a poor approach to weight loss and found focusing on total health creates better success.

Glenn is passionate about helping people unlearn diet culture and learn to take care of their bodies again. Currently, he creates videos and podcasts spreading his message, as well as runs a support community for people going through their Thinsanity transformation.

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What Was Helpful in Thinsanity?

Glenn is very clear he wants you to be successful. Because of this, he even includes a section on how to make sure you finish reading the book. You receive knowledge of many approaches to stop emotional eating so you can create the best plan for you. Also, you learn how to fix your plan if it’s not working out.

Thinsanity also offers a wealth of resources. Everything Glenn talked about in the book has some guide or worksheet you can use to better your understanding. Glenn also offers stories from real clients, which helps you make a good connection. It truly sets you up for success.

Another thing Glenn had to offer in Thinsanity was humor. Every once in a while, he’d make a connection to pop culture or sci-fi, and I would get a chuckle out of it. He made listening to the book fun but still managed to come across as serious.

Glenn is also very passionate and knowledgeable about each topic he covers. He knows how to apply the program to real life and has done so with many patients. He gave data for every point made and ensured he was clear with what he was describing.

What Might Readers Dislike About Thinsanity?

Some people may not like the amount of planning and work that goes along with Thinsanity. However, I firmly believe that’s what makes it so effective. The book is also quite long but covers everything you can think of.

Glenn suggests giving up your weight loss goals while transforming your mindset, which isn’t going to happen for some. Although, he does acknowledge this and advises putting it on the backburner instead.

There are a lot of graphs in the book that audiobook listeners are unable to see. This can make it harder for listeners to understand what’s going on.

Who Can Benefit from Reading Thinsanity?

  • Anyone who wants a program to stop overeating laid out step-by-step.
  • People who are looking to love their bodies.
  • Someone looking for honesty and a little tough love.
  • Anybody looking for a book with a serious approach but some humor mixed in.
  • People who want many options to try out and see what works.
  • Someone who’s ready to put themselves first, put in the work, and get out of their comfort zone.
  • People who want a way to check their progress later and see how far they’ve come.
  • Anybody who wants a program with many helpful resources to refer to.

Would I Recommend Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh?

I was so amazed by the number of helpful resources that were included in this book, along with the non-diet approach it had. That, paired with the knowledge and passion Glenn had to offer his readers, made me enjoy every part of listening to it.

Without a doubt, I’ll gladly recommend this book to all readers! With the emphasis on total health and wellbeing, as well as the attention given to learning self-love, I firmly believe anyone can benefit from it.

Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh: Resources

Thinsanity has many resources to complement it, including podcasts and free videos. Glenn also offers a paid transformation support community you can join if you need extra help while transforming your mindset.

I listened to this as an audiobook and was happy to find out Glenn himself reads it. It’s always great to hear the book the way it was meant to sound, straight from the author.

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Thinsanity by Glenn Mackintosh: A Book Review

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